Thursday, October 18, 2012

Finished Again

It's been ages since I blogged. I think I say that every time now... Here is the vest, finally finished. It was too small so I added length to after the armholes and V, then cast on down the side and did a bit of sideways ribbing.

It's not a great fit now but looks good under a jacket. I'd do it differently next time. The extra shoulder length means I could take out the side expansion and I couldn't wear it without a T-shirt because the armholes are too low. For goodness' sake! AGAIN! I always manage to stuff up my knitting!

I like it, the Vogue Vest, but might try simply making the V start earlier, rather than lengthening the shoulders.

It's charcoal wool, which looks fluffy in the pics but is actually a nice shade.

Here is the eventually unneccessary sideways ribbing. I like the look but because it's now a little too big, it bunches up weirdly.

e RM2 knitted into the back is obscure but that's fine, it's my secret (ours).

I used the orange on the perle stitch, otherwise it would be too bright.
I have to say that Morris & Sons Empire 4ply is very soft to wear and after the fluff washes out (in a few washes), it's lovely. You can wear it against your skin except in this case you'll see my bra strap.

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