Sunday, October 28, 2012

Got A Hankering For Some New Potholders

I like to make a little train-project, but since I've been home with the pneumonia (doing well now thanks), I've almost done them. It's been nice really, after the initial BLEH... I've managed to close-to finish Ruby's Wagga, work out some knitting projects, think, catch up on Carey Grant movies (then back to Ingmar Bergman), just generally play at a quiet, sewing/knitting/movies pace.
However, today I am determoned to vacuum! My One True is sick now too, though not too badly... But he's a boy, so it's all cold & flu tablets and tele and compulsory company. Nice too!
Obviously, you are more than welcome to use the design, and you can sell any items made (only) if it's for a charity.

Once the pencil lines are washed of (with a soap-loaeded toothbrush), the shapes are more subtle.

Hmmm... maybe I need to re-do the moustache? Make it thicker.

I'm usually very neat on the back, but something got tangled and I didn't notice and it odesn't really matter at all so it's false pride to fix it.

I just hope their little ears don't get burnt too much.

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