Sunday, June 09, 2013

Lovely Cape Woolamai, Down Phillip Island

We went to Cape Woolamai yesterday. Coughing and coughing but all the better for a long walk in the gorgeous winter warmth. It was truly a lovely thing, and ridiculous that we hadn't been up around the cape before.
I always think of my friend Marion. We hitched down here a few times in our teens. The big surfie thing was happening. We spent one weekend sunbaking with the crew, but found it ultimately boring and went back to our exploratory ways soon enough. Came back to Melbourne so brown I wasn't recognised. Marion and I slept in my car there too, in a remember when weekend in our 40's. So funny, me dragging Marion along. "Come On Marion, Let's Just Go Up There And Have A Look!"
 The One True in his fishing bling, with all that glory behind him. Actually, that farthest point is where the photo below is taken from.

 Interesting how the lava bubbles are so colourful. Teal and tan. Pretty scheme for making things.
 From the first point on the walk around the point. I've never been up there before. It's a speccy beach. Dangerous, amazing.
 Pink granite rock. There's an old quarry on the other side of the point.
 Winter light. Not bad huh? Nice place to be on a sunny winter's day.

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Looks wonderful.