Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My New Cat Footstool Cover

This is my first 'rug'. The cat foot-stool cover. I didn't have the ginger tabby colours I'd thought to use, and don't as yet have a pot for dyeing, so after sorting out my woollens, decided to use the tartans (I have heaps).

It's heaps of fun! The eyes are too big, the buttery-palest-yellow (looks more white here) is not quite right. I've since taken my photo's of tabby cats and outlined the highlights, which are different than what I've done so far. I can see how I could have made it friendlier... might not be too late.
The light blue/pink is the background. Those old pink and blue checked blankets are gorgeous!

This is my first attempt, other than a little thing I started 20 years ago, with wool. I've never done the fabric strips and am in Love! Lerve! Luff! I am genuinely as happy as a lark!
I've used varying widths of fabric, varying weights too. I'm not trying terribly hard to maintain consistent loops, more to get the colour down. It's such a pleasure. And the backing is coloured hessian from Spotlight. Nothing special.
Here is the first instalment.


The Sea Garden said...

Wow!I'd love to have go at this one day. Cat's faces are so brilliant to do aren't they? I loved doing my Kaffe Fassett tapestry cushion cover...

Bobby La said...

Pippa, We could do some on your verandah! I like the Kaffe Fassett cats too. One day! x