Saturday, April 04, 2015

Been Busy, But No Camera...

So, you have to accept these lousy phone shots until I get one.

Sadie's Second Hanky Box. Or, Jewellery Box? You can't see because of the flaring (because of the plastic), but it's a gorgeous old kiddie's book illustration of a lamb. I've added cut out bits of flower (as used on the sides) to fill in some gaps and highlighted it with my coloured pencils.

Inside is a picture of myself with little Sadie, at my 50th in 2008. A couple of months before I lost my Mum (the photo reminds me of how little Sadie was then). The inside-lid illustration is the sometimes approach mothers and grandmothers have to their little's, especially when those little's are full of life and verve.

Mercedes (Saide). I made this removable so she can have a look at the picture more easily. Incidentally, the triangles created are just the size for hankies, pressed into quarters, triangularly.

Ane here is my little darling at the Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda, near us. The photo completely captures her lovely nature. A happy, interested child.

What's not well illustrated here are the really pretty pink glass tear-drops. I've been at Maria's Beads frequently of late (I've been knotting my old and newly collected pearls).

The floral paper is downloaded from one of pillpat (agence eureka)'s amazing sets of vintage book and game and everything images. Worth spending a few hours looking through. I've used heaps from there (not to mention the cut-out-and-assemble games the children have enjoyed). Sorry I can't remember where the flowers came from!
Follow the links below to see more boxes and to find the tutorial. I will be teaching this method at Morris & Son's in Melbourne, just as soon as I've built enough for a decent display.

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Jelena said...

I love these gift boxes! Thanks very much for sharing them. I saw this technique some time ago and I still want to make some of my own. Great work!