Saturday, April 04, 2015

The One True's Bits & Pieces Box

Which he'll never really use, but I wanted to make him one.
The images are from two old art books he was throwing out. The photo is awful (phone and flaring in the light), but the pics are gorgeous! I managed to get four things out of two books.
I think I accidently chose Swarovski crystal beads, being the perfect colour (and a bit extravagant for a fancy-work box you might think) (but I don't care).

I've cut out bits of another picture and pasted them over this beautiful girl, just for balance. Also , they're the One True's favourite type of painted trees.
For the inside, I used the score from a couple of old and well-worn piano scores (Op-Shop). They have the pianist's notations and comments, which is touching. I managed to get a theme going in the words and it's quite romantic (so I won't show you all of it, you'll have to pop into Morris & Son's when I get the display together, which will be a little while because I have great plans and great plans take time). 
This pattern is the same as this one. Please follow the tags below for more boxes and the Tutorial.

Words cut from various headings, ala Ransom Note.

I have a lot of (and then found more) chandelier baubles, so added them around to give the lid weight. I used to make the lid a bit bigger than the base, and now I remember why.


Dianne Murcutt said...

Hi all these boxes you make out of cards...clever girl

Anonymous said...

love your box's margie