Saturday, April 04, 2015

Fancy-Work Boxes Still. The Bunny Fur Bee Cushion Box.

Do you think I could build my own coffin? Just a thought. Again, apologies for the awful pictures.

This little box is made using my old cards (I have cards with pictures from my embroidery, but have run out of envelopes for the time being). So, it's a picture of my Rabbit-Fur Bee Cushion on the top, and a detail for each side panel.
The beads are from my Grandma's old stash, left-over from her lamp-shade making days. She made and sold them for years, just word-of-mouth (Oh and in my Mum's shop). I have her fringe too (just so's you know).
The crochet is done with some vintage War-Silk (rayon) I bought from the Op-Shop many moons ago (see! just do it!).
The picture on the card is up one way and then the other.

These are hand made papers I bought some time ago (also not in vain in the end). They are heavily textured and gorgeous and had to be bought.
For the pattern, go to Zoe's Hanky Box and for a tutorial, follow the label below

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