Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Australian Tapestry Workshop Yarn for Sale

I have 1500 (either/or) unused (quite new and in packets still) cones of Australian Tapestry Workshop wool, which is a beautiful 2ply wool. Cones are 25 grams / 180 meters.
To quote: "The superior pure wool yarn is suitable for weaving, knitting, embroidery and many other uses. Its resilience and durability make it ideal for textile art.
The wool is grown using environmentally sustainable and humane animal practices, and is traceable through the supply chain back to the farms in Australia where it is grown. The yarn meets the EU EcoLabel standard".

Normally $5 per cone, I will sell at:

$2.20 each for 100 ($220)
$2.50 each for 50 ($125)
$2.80 each for 20 ($56)
$3 each for 10 ($30)
$3.20 each for less than 10
PLUS POSTAGE (of course) and a $5.00 handling fee (it takes ages to pick the colours out, sorry).
For a pretty accurate list of what's available... Go HERE. (disclaimer, just in case I've counted badly. Updated after every sale).

Have a look at the Australian Tapestry Workshop website.

NOTE: Pictures are from the Tapestry Workshop's shop, their Ravelry page and from various projects I and others have done:
For example, both Fair Isle's and little foxy's jumper were made by myself (bobbyla on Ravelry).
Hexagon blanket is by Shula and sooz (so named also on Ravelry).

Please call me for details and requests. My number is 0410876096 and I'm outer East of Melbourne, up there in the hills.

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