Monday, March 07, 2016

The Green Bluebird Cushion

I've been carrying around an old kiddies book, Thumbelina, for years, specifically for the bird. And, right now, I'm in a Get On And Do It kind of a mood, so sat and traced the bird, sans Thumbelina.
As I've said before, cushion backs are Only Ever Velvet. Unless they're really just for show (and I do have some of these)
The cloth is a gorgeous chestnut/dark reddy silk organza over another gorgeous golden yellow slubbed Indian silk (good old Spotters, still got it if you look hard).
A friend very generously gave me a box of Maison Sajou Broderie (Stranded Thread), inspiring me to do this project using only the Sajou. I used 3 strands to give it a quick, thick, coarse sort of a look. She bought it at luccello in Melbourne.
I hunted and found the right green-blue heavy-ish fringe, and tried in vain to purchase some mid-tan velvet for the back. Even tan dye was unavailable. Then, when I got home, unlike before I went, the already stashed, very old (and therefore thick and soft) brown velvet looked perfect and it didn't want the fringe either! No fringe! Stupid!
It's quite big, 41 cm across. Insert filled with kapok.
When I find the tracing, I'll post the bird outline.

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Dianne Murcutt said...

Love it Robyne