Monday, March 28, 2016

Plodding away...

I'm still working on it every weekend, although knitting has gotten in the way a little, and some embroidery of late... I leave it at my Dad's house, where I spend a couple of days a week. I used to bring it home every time, thinking (with weekly renewed enthusiasm) that I'd work on it between times, but never do.
However, having nothing else to do (much, at least) for two days (which includes a long evening in front of the tele) means I can get a lot done.
The green is stronger/clearer than in the photo (phone-photo). 

This motif is a different shade at each end, only because I was seeing what the other colour was like and whether or not it was better. I like them both so they'll stay different. Same with the oink flower motifs. Each is slightly different.
It's huge! And will take ages yet...
Using the old ironing board (with a mini one on top) gives me good standing height. Better for creaking back.

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