Sunday, August 30, 2020

Crocheted Card Yarn Bowl With Lid

 Here is the pattern for my Yarn Bowl. I have made a tutorial which also gives links to where I bought my hole punch and the plastic sheets I use to cover the cards.

With this one, the vintage Mills &Boon romance penny dreadful covers (plus a fantastic 60’s book) make the outside and I’ve used the back covers on the inside. The names of these books are as crazy as the covers, along with the synopses. I’ve used the pages from the stories on the sides or backs too, the naughty bits. But I’m getting too old to even find it ironically funny. Now it’s a bit ew! Not is a prudish way, just in a for goodness sakes, that’s ridiculous way. 

If you follow the tags below (boxes, crochet, tutorials, etc.) you’ll find the tutorial, other patterns and ideas. Here is one directly:

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