Thursday, November 15, 2007

Getting Closer

The fog has dissipated... the deal is (nearly) done... the thinking, plotting and counting has borne its fruit and we are the proud parents of a big, fat, baby mortgage! Not as big as I expected but I'm sure the bank's happy enough. Tra la la!!! The payments won't be crippling, not crushing, just ever and very present. We'll manage, unless I lose my job (and I work for the government so that's a difficult thing to do) or unless my honey-blossom decides to go fishing EVERY DAY!
Have to mention dearest megan, Camilla Engman and Atelier XT and thank them for 'happy home' inspirations. THANKS!!

How could I forbid such a thing? In fact I join him at every opportunity.


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You're nearly through that door!!

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