Sunday, November 18, 2007

These Are The Before Pictures

This is the pathway down to the 'driveway'. I say that tentatively because it's a bit of a laugh to cal the front bit 'the driveway'. Ane there is Mr. Fixit on the roof, measuring. Measure twice, cut once, he always says and I happen to agree with him.
We spent the weekend at The Van, where we met the prospective buyer and he tried to look au casual and will tell us tomorrow night after consulting with his Mrs. It was... is, hard to let the place go and littlest boy had some tears, bless his heart... he's been going there half his little life! Jadey's quiet tears were so endearing to biggest boy that he's wanting badly to reneg. Trying to figure out how.
But I think we have to. Let it go. One must make hard choices sometimes and this is such a time, I feel. We just have to make sure we go play elsewhere, and drag little boy along.

This bottom shot is the same as HERE. Bit of dodgy advertising, what??? (Notice the buxus).

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