Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Went On My NGV Expedition

There wasn't much to see, but it was good to do in any case. These examples are lifted from a Google Image search, but have similar methods. I then had a look at the Decorative Arts area, which has a bit of Icon stuff, and caught my eye (thanks Paola).
Hmmm... One's mind gets to thinking...
Whenever I go to the gallery, my brain hurts. I need to formulate and process a lot now, or I'll burst and it won't be pretty. Alternatively, it might be very pretty, depending.
I went to Maria George's but they were re-arranging and said come back tomorrow and I may just sneak down at lunch time since I'm busting.
I caught a bus to Ruby's (20 minutes) but caught the wrong one and 3 buses and 2 hours later I arrived, exhausted and pathetic and couldn't stay long.
I wanted a massage but my dearest and nearest is pre-occipied with house renovation plans.

I found a package with new, knitted, baby jumpers on the bus and handed it in. Then and hour later I left a package with Chrissy pressies at the bus stop by the station and when I rang up, the very nice man ran and got it for me for safe keeping.


shula said...

Talk about instant karma!

Victoria said...

Well, look at that sheep! I get what you mean, gallerys can be such an overload, too much goodness and food for thought and inspiration all at once. And very powerful because it's all right there in front of you.