Monday, November 12, 2007

OK, I Know You've Seen Them (The Cards) Before...

... But I want to sell them out... out of moving, storing, having. They want (too) to take wing and fly away, away into the world.
GO HERE for a geek..

Any 10 for $20AU... ie. $2 each for 10 or more.

Plus postage which isn't a lot... s'pose you think I should have checked that out... maybe it's about $5 for Over Seas, and maybe $4 for Oz? I'll call it that until I figure out otherwise. If it's less you'll get the cheaper, if it's more you won't.

So, 10 x one design
10 mixed in any way you see fit.

Or, 1 of one design and 2 of another + 3 of yet another plus 1 of a different other and 3 bluebirds, or that plus 2 St. Basil's Cathedral... ye ken?

145 ml square with nice clean proper cello covers and real, normal, grown up envelopes (they're not different sizes like in the photo's).

Unabashed Christmas sprucing...

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