Friday, December 21, 2007

Here We Go Here We Go Here We Go...

This picture makes the colour look prettier than it really is. You can't notice the hill in the floor nor see the sagging ceiling.
The kitchen. Again, the photo is more flattering than the reality (we both thought so) and we've already started with the undercoat which brightened it up no end. Eventually, you'll step through the place where the window now is to a new kitchen, and this area will be part of the pink lounge-room. My honeyest-bunch says the big room will be our 'Doing-Things' room. The Verb Room.
I finished work today, for nearly three weeks (Yay!) so things will zip along at an alarming rate now, just you wait and see.


shula said...

Verb rooms are my favourite.

And what's a little hump between friends?

Bobby La said...

A little hump between friends can be fun. Depending. x