Wednesday, December 26, 2007

'No Country For Old Men' By Those Good Old Cohen Brothers

Went To The Pictures Today (Boxing Day). Seems to be a bit of a tradition. We saw the new Cohen brother's film "No Country For Old Men'. I love the Cohen brothers but I think they need a big hug.
Great film though, in a freak-out, palm-sweating, can't-go-for-a-wee-because-you-might-miss-something-even-though-you're-busting kind of a way. I'm lying (for effect) though because I did sneak out but I ran there and back.
It's bleak, to put it mildly. Tommy-Lee is gorgeous as usual. He plays a disillusioned sheriff trying to find and save a hunter-guy who's stumbled upon something bigger than he can deal with but doesn't know it.
Psychopaths are bewildering, and as I walked out of the cinema, I wondered if I really want to see anything about their wicked ways... but then again it was a good movie, full of the usual brilliant Cohen brothers' lines and detail. There was a crocheted poodle bottle cover like my Grandma used to make for starters. Everything in the sets is perfect. Every incidental character is perfect and I always love them for that. I think those brothers love people a lot. Regular people.
Later (that is... now) I've decided that it was terrific and they apparently had a lot of fun making the movie. And it IS a movie. Not real, so I can laugh inappropriately if I want to.
The movie reminded me a lot of Fargo... '"All this, and for what? Just a little bit of money..."

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shula said...

It's on my list.

You and I seem to have very similar taste in film.

You're the only other person I know who flipped about Deathproof.