Saturday, December 08, 2007

We Can't Believe It Yet!

The Front Porch, which we will build in to be part of the bedroom/ loungeroom.

The view out the front.

This is our house. It's like a marriage without the frock! I made my love carry me over the thresh-hold, poor thing. But he did and we laughed. There was a garage sale up the road and we scored some windows and some cedar blinds too... bonus! Nice people as well. The General Store there is gorgeous. It's one of those old, dingy, messy, un-modern time-warp stores with a post office in the corner and (unwittingly) retro giftcards. The service is country paced and people chat and everyone knows everyone. I was happy there. I'm a local now. We both are.


Healing Naturaly said...

Congratulations on your new home, love the views and the garden and the porch, lovely, hope you'll be very happy there, merry Christmas.

Victoria said...

That is so great, i love the photos of your new home and love the sound of the place, esp the general store, yay!