Friday, December 07, 2007

It Is Done!

Settlement is settled, the signing is signed. The debt is entirely ours!
I'm still quaking in my pants after a last-half-hour's almost withdrawal on behalf of the buyers (of Tassie). Somehow, my Tassie Real Estate guy, whom previously I had had great confidence in, did not informed the buyers that there was still a tenant, albeit one who was leaving soon. So with a cheque in my hand and half an hour to go, I had to make 4,000 phone calls and try to help the situation... then wait at the office where settlements take place and see if the answer was YES! Which, 15 minutes late (and two seconds before the parties re-scheduled), it was.
Next, I had a message and had to ring my conveyencer back, to hear that it hadn't gone through! Luckily I was there to witness that she was wrong, or I would have freaked even further!
I've delivered four children and this seems another!

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