Sunday, January 20, 2008

Getting Along With Things

The brilliant boy's bookshelf. Moving was no chore, apart from the weight... the books were already packed and we just reconfigured the stacking in the new house. We need more so the wood is ordered. One or two screws make it secure, although this stack doesn't seem to need any.

From my darling Grandma, painted in Porter's paint (Pricilla Pink).
Wall piece by Kinda Kaiser. 2003ish. I saw it at an exhibition at the George Gallery.

The lad thought Pink Doll made the bedroom unmanly, so I went to get her friends before his parents arrived, just for a bit of good old-fashioned fun. Can you make out the lamp?? Another Grandma find (I love it but someone else hates it).

My caring and daring fella put a roast in the oven, then cut a hole in the wall, one hour before the in-laws arrived for dinner! It's great! You can watch tele from everywhere.


shula said...

You have a Grandma???!!

Lucky you.

Bobby La said...

She ran off and left us to go to the great bargain-centre/sewing-place in the sky in 1993. I still miss her although she could be a cantankerous old thing. Not to me though. She was the perfect Grandma who always made us things/bought us things/took us places. The reason why my little ones call me 'Grandma' and not Nanna.

Victoria said...

You have GOOD STUFF. I'm very in tune with the decorating style.