Tuesday, January 08, 2008

We Slept At The New House Last Night

Zig-zag solution to the transition between white and natural wood. Our favourite bit.

Our feet went down hill as we slept. We'll have to cut the legs on the bed, unevenly, to accomodate the wonky, pre-re-blocked house. It's a 'put-together' bed base anyway so it doesn't matter. We LOVE the whiteness! It's extraordinary. New, unusual!

Before we'd finished painting we had some of the ornaments out, of course. Last night we put a few things around, in the midst of chaos.

The sewing room. Everything in those (funky) green bags goes into the shelves, so it's not as bad as it looks (but then again you can't see it all). Today we go sig up some of our plants, and then that's it for the old place. I'll post some photo's of the niceness as soon as I am able.

The garden's looking great too! A couple of hours with some serious snips has made it gorgeous and tenable, at least for now...

P.S. I want you all to know that it was 37 degrees Celcius when we moved. UP the hill... everything had to be carried up 30 steps. 30! We nearly expired I can tell you, and we have SO MUCH STUFF!! So thanks everyone, and all of you who thought nice thoughts.


shula said...

Different. Noice.

Actually, it looks FABULOUS

Victoria said...

How awesome your ornaments look against all that white.