Friday, January 04, 2008

I've Been Off-Line!!!

Someone being industrious but silly. You can see how icky the old walls were.
Gasp! I miss you all terribly! We're so ridiculously busy, painting, painting and more painting. We've done it too! The floors are finished (these photo's are not up to date) and tomorrow the family and a couple of friends are braving the projected 37 degreees heat to come and help us carry everything up the hill to the house. The cottage. So named (by a cheesy plaque that may stay for nostalgia's sake) 'The Patch Cottage', which is terrible when accompanied by 'The Patch Road' (and the suburb) 'The Patch'.
Camilla Engman has inspired us and we have a white floor in the main part of the house. The back rooms we polyurethaned. I'll show you tomorrow (I left the camera at the other house).
We've bought 'True Red' for the front door. $37!! for one litre! Crikey... but it's for The House (which has superceded The Van).
See you all soon! If you see someone in the street who's covered in white paint, horrendous bruises and badly stubbed toes, that's me. Say Hi. I may only have the energy to gasp in reply, but I'll be happy to see you.


Camilla Engman said...

Looking forward to see your beautiful floors :))

shula said...

PAINTED white floors?

God, how wonderful.

shula said...

And darling, that's a SCARY number of patches.