Friday, January 18, 2008

Got A New Idea

Something to do at work when I'm sitting in waiting that requires no brain cells. My cushion biblo magnifica inspied me again... although it's not exactly in there... the concept is. I've given you lots of pics because it's a bit hard to make out, being red and all. Think 'egg carton'.

The idea is... I'll lightly stuff each 'cone' or 'pyramid', sew some sides on to make it round, then make into a groovy, funky, hipster cushion. I want to do the gathered side ala Hunting Cushion.

The back view photo is very hard to make out, but, I've made the tops (individually) then sewn them together, along with the back (square)... but leaving one side open until it's stuffed. Therefore, when you stitch two 'cones' together, you are going through 4 layers of felt. Get it??
I want someone to try it and show me theirs. I'll show you mine if you show me yours sort of deal.


shula said...

Bloody red.

It's SO hard to photograph.

noricum said...

Looking at this and your sea urchin photograph, you could use these to make a sea urchin cushion! (Or was that already your idea?)