Thursday, November 06, 2008

I Don't Really H A T E Them

I've never been one to maintain my rage.

Thing is, on reflection... and Shules, don't think I'm succumbing to the man or anything... but, on reflection I think I may not have offered a very good picture of what I want to do. I so completely hate the wankiness and whilst I might struggle to formulate a cohesive 'body' of work myself, I kind of expected them to trust me to get it together rather than convinced them of it. And I will have a good grouping, don't worry about that. I'm too flip when I describe the plan, and I try to fit their criteria instead of sticking to mine.
I have very strong opinions about the crafts and my place in its history and evolution.
Next time I'm letting someone else write it.

And can you believe it, someone flagged my blog as being objectionable. Huh?? What's that about? It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to.
(I see... You're not allowed to say 'hate'. Oooooh!)


joyflea said...

Maybe they accidently hit the 'flag blog' instead of 'next blog' button.

Bobby La said...

hope so joyflea, otherwise i'd be a bit surprised... dialogue being a wonderful thing and all that!
hmm... it was flagged twice...???