Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I Feel Better Now

After all, there's so much stitching to do. I love the newest dress so much and I love to stitch! Some girls at my state school had each a skirt I coveted A LOT (you know who you are). They were 1950's fabric and style skirts (after all, this was early 60's) and had either dogs or cats around them in a 1950's painterly style. I thought they must have been rich to have such beautiful skirts. They, as it happened, thought we were rich because we had new clothes all of the time, which was actually the result of having a tailor for a grandmother and coming from a long line of milliners and tailors and so on who set the pace for splendid fashion.

Anyway, now I'm making my new twin dresses even better than those coveted skirts. At least just as desirable and moving. It takes me back to that big sighing love I felt at state school. Pics to follow soon!

P.S. Thanks Shula, for the rant and the pat on the back and the you're better than they are and the general friendship. It's not so bad really.

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