Thursday, November 20, 2008

There's A New Little Melia On The Way

My darling first-born (seen here with his Mormor) is gonna be a Papa! And that means I'm going to be a Grandma even more than I am now!!! It's very exciting!
I'm quite emotional about it. And Rob can't stop grinning. I'm worried his face will split. I'm looking for a perfect Teddy Bear or something fluffy but not crass... and there's quilts to embroider and Wagga's to make and singlets to embroider and Oh Oh Oh!
I'm very teary because Mum misses out. Rob doesn't get to share it with her either. He was my Mum's little boy. The first grandchild and her darling. Cycle of life huh? Still hate that. I have less ability to deal with it as I get older. I'm weary. I want the new without it meaning out with the old.


shula said...

yeah, well, you know...

The line forms to the left.

The only thing that still annoys me about my mum dying is that she missed my girl. On purpose, if you don't mind.

Then again, had she stuck around, they would most certainly have been partners in crime and driven me bonkers.

shula said...

Oh, and congratulations.

Victoria said...

Big congrats! Yeah, I want the new without letting go of the old too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Love your blog and love the covered coat hangers. Made some for my mum 30 years ago and she still loves/uses them.