Friday, November 28, 2008

Oooh! Baby Things! And Owls For My Mum

A must do. Mum had a large collection of owls and we're all taking them to heart now.

I bought a size OOOOO jumpsuit yesterday and even the One True squealed with incredulity at it's little, tiny, eensie boopiness. Are they ever that small! he exclaimed. Though if the baby is the size it's (his...? her?) father was, it will fit perfectly at the 35 week gestation point. He weighed 9lb 8oz, which isn't as big as others I know, but was plenty big enough. Now he's 6ft 5 inches. I'm proud of that, illogical though it is.
Anyway... I found this lovely place this morning and hope to take advantage. Then I got distracted by the many washcloth sites (come on guys... it's Facewasher). But I haven't brought the right sized needles. Ouch! So here I am blethering aimlessly to youse lot.

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shula said...

I agree.

They are facewashers.

Nice banner.