Monday, December 01, 2008

Dress for Monozygotic Twin. Still Unfinished Remember

The Cat Dress.

Back view with peek in sleeve and side opening, as yet unbuttoned and edge unfinished..

Looking toward the neck hole. Up. Inside.

Peeking up the skirt. The hem will be finished with a nice crocheted edge.

Nice fabric on the chaise huh? I went stupid and had it covered in hand loomed silk, French no less. It's such a beautiful piece, it deserved it.


shula said...

Love it.

pen said...

absolutely fantastic!
will it have shoes and a bag to match?

Bobby La said...

Yeah, Bag, Shoes and Other Select Items pending.

Anonymous said...


The designs of these dresses are so beautiful and babies are so likes these designs.

Victoria said...

I ADORE the cat dress. Impressed.