Friday, December 26, 2008

Duck Overalls In Situ

Above: My favourite photo. Out of focus but captures the girl absolutely.

Saide and No.1 daughter (Aunty Claire).

I waited until Christmas for full impact... and they just fit! Well... they fit perfectly, but not for long.
I can see that I ought to have crossed the straps over at the back, and they'll need to be clasped together to stop them falling off her little pink shoulders.
Getting the photo was a challenge, as you can see, and this was the absolute best we could do. You can also see the scale of the larger bean bags although its just his legs poking out of the Stubbies available to the eye, and the bean bag is scrunched up to make a head rest.
Ross (my one true) was the man of the moment with Sadie. Mr Fix It (or Mr Undo The Wrapping). The beard didn't whack its usual punch. More important things were at stake.

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