Sunday, December 07, 2008

This Crazy Mess Is Nearly Another Bean Bag

I had to lay the pieces out to organise some kind of idea of how it will look and to choose the order of the sections, and now they're together and I'm pinning in the bottom, which is the very worst bit. It's taken me nearly a whole day if I stick yesterday arvo and this morning together. My long-suffering sewing room is a mess. My long-suffering back and neck aren't too happy either.
The really spooky thing is, in spite of the size of the thing I seem to have just as much fabric in my shelves as I did before, like an amazing Magic Pudding fabric supply that will haunt my children and grandchildren when they have to do something with it after my (untimely) demise.
I've decided against making an inner casing this time. One: It's too much work and I'm exhausted and Two: You have to empty the whole thing out to get the top off to wash it anyway. Yes yes, I did imagine that I could (Three:) put an opening that went across the base and all the way up one side, to be fastened with the mighty new Studs, but fer f#!!***'s sake, that's a big job and I haven't the right colour studs.
Anyway folks, it's looking good. I have to get a ton of beads and have found a reasonable place (I haven't contacted them yet but)... thank goodness we have a ute.

P.S. I got onto Auspod Styrene Industries and they seem OK.


shula said...


God Bless our Bloody Utes.

I bitch and carry on about it's longer than a parking space length, but I've been soooooo grateful for it the last few weeks.

Wanda said...

What a brave person to make bean bags. But the really funny part was the comment about the material stash not being reduced at all. How does that happen every time I make something out of my stash it gets bigger, especially if I am getting out of the scrap bag. :) Sew on. TTFN