Monday, December 01, 2008

One Down, One To Go

It has a calico lining (muslin for all of you foreigners), both with zips.
I did something very dumb... I filled the lining (casing) with the three bags of beads (a lot don't you think?) and then thought, Oh! There's no way I could get the bag over the filled casing. One must tuck the lining inside the outer before filling with beads, otherwise you can't get it in. Obviously!
I'd felt a bit smug because they say (on the packet) to do the deed in a dry bathtub so the beads don't get away, but I filled the casing without losing more than three on the rug. However, getting them out and back into the plastic bags was not so easy.
But, it's finished. This is for my grandson for Christmas and now I have to begin Sadie's. I'm making it the same size, not a baby one. She'll work it out.
P.S. (Note Shules) this part at the back of the house has clear varnish on the floors. Check out where we divided the two areas, since you're hard at it.
And here's the Bean Bag link again.
P.S.S. I proudly showed the One True when he got home and he thinks it looks like an aged hippy's bean bag, and it's not a compliment either! I thought it looked like a nice little boy's bean bag. I thought I should run out and buy appropriately boyish colours like red and black and blue but remembered just in time that this was a 'using up some fabric' last minute Christmas idea.


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

it looks great! very fun! save all your packing peanuts, you can use them to plump it up as it will begin to get smooshed down... good way to recycle those things!

Anonymous said...

that looks great nearly makes me want to start sewing one too.