Sunday, May 15, 2011

Japanes Fabric Skirt For Bicycle Riding In The Paris Sun

Ancient buckle.

I just made this skirt, using old, reclaimed Kimono fabric from Kazari. It's a bit mental and SO bright, but feels pretty. After all, I'm having some summer time in Paris! This is for riding-bicycles-to-Versailles-type activity. I've almost finished my marathon jacket too, and can't wait to share.

In my old age, I have chubby upper arms (damn!), and it's hard to accomodate it in patterns or bought clothes. I'm getting to know my patterns a bit, though. That's a constancy thing... you need to adjust then try again, a lot. Eventually you get there and know what needs to be done.

The best thing I've done is get a basic block made up for myself, even if it is a FATTY BOOMBA size. I can lay it on a pattern and adjust.

These fabrics have been accumulating for a few years now. Most of it is a light weight wool. I used cotton voile for the lining as I find the silks (synthetic) wear out and rip way sooner than the skirt is worn out. It's cut on the cross. I didn't hem it but cut it with pinking shears, with a couple of rows of stitching for good measure.

Don't tell me I'm too old for this skirt.

Red (vintage) bias tape as a waist facing.

Pretty, soft lining.


Lyndel said...

you are NOT too old for the skirt.. it is NOT too bright for you. It is your PERFECT Paris Skirt.....enjoy♥

Inthesky said...

I can smell the baguettes and see the onion sellers, as you cycle around Paris in your 'Fatty Boomba' skirt. I can hear the Parisian accordian players now and the breeze is in your hair. (When you are back can you set up a business 'Fatty Boomba Designs'? I will definitely come buy!) xxx

margie said...

any one going to paris would neeeed a skirt like thus...go rock there world...