Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Patch

Now to turn this...
...into this...

We'll take some photo's of the new cottage too, don't you worry... maybe even tomorrow? But rest assured, these top two snaps give you the general idea, sadly. Just take that scrub and the wild, wild Budleja and find an old path through and you get the idea. Ivy, weed, blackberries...
The bottom two photo's of are the garden my beloved made for his children and their house that he renovated and added onto. Even after he'd moved out. Because he wanted them to have a beautiful place to live and because he wanted them to have something of him and because he has to do that kind of thing. Now we'll boss each other and agree and disagree and make a place together and it'll be magnificent when we get there, you'll see.
There'll be cushions to die for and lovely things everywhere and a very nice garden! The place reminds me of Kejoma. And check this out too! We love Camilla's floors and may copy!
This Friday it'll all be a done deal... finance, future, spare time, all spare time, all energy and copious pieces paper to describe it all. We officially become grown-up's.
More pics of my fella's ex's place in all its glory.

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shula said...

Painted floors?