Sunday, March 02, 2008


We found this wreck on Google Earth and today paddled out to find it. How weird is that? We tried to follow a map we'd drawn of some dirt tracks that get you close but they were all signed with nasty trespassers will be prosecuted type signs. Great day, although naughtliy I am sunburnt.
My thyroid is under acting at the moment due to too many meds, and I've decided that that means I don't really need much food. My weight is increasing in spite of my minimal intake. That means I need even less food by my logic. So I'm going to be cheap maintenance from now on. Tomorrow the doc might disabuse me of the notion but I'm trying the best that I can. They say that some peope deliberately ditch the meds so their body will produce too much thyroid hormone and they'll lose weight... maybe when I was young I might have considered it... (joking).
Lovliest weekend in ages. Family, did a lot around the house, got out on the water... all good and tomorrow off! Yay!


shula said...

Well, I have been known to go off my meds because I was gaining weight.

Does that count?

Bobby La said...

You could say that it was an indicator... you know, too much meds. But then perhaps you might let your doctor figure it out and be a good girl??? For once.