Monday, March 24, 2008

The New VAN

...Is in fact, the back of the ute. The boy has a penchance for boxes and will, with any excuse and for varying (otherwise unheard of) situations, make them with gusto and precision. I laugh affectionately. I have made calico (fitted) sheets and pillowcases (lovely!) and we took enough for a week and spent two days and one night at Point Kirk, mostly alone. We slept gazing out the back of the Ute looking at the sea and twinkling lights across the bay.

My crippling, worrying backache has all but vanished, due to extensive kayaking and a good, old-fashioned (reasonably) hard bed.

This is another spot we found on Google Earth! I can't get over the amazingness of that! And it's the shelliest beach I've ever seen in my whole life, with thousands of sea-urching shells... truly thousands. The little bubbsie waves go shhh shhh as they push tiny, tiny shells up and down against the shale.

I caught the flathead. Note the knife at the side (ie. a reference for size).

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