Thursday, March 27, 2008

Something Very Funny

Last night my darling sent me a sexy text pertaining to a certain activity he thought might be fun for the evening's entertainment. He wrote it a bit specific (very) so I'd understand the intention correctly and was just scrolling down the menu on his phone, thinking to himself how you need to be careful about sending it to the right person and not be blithe... when SENT MESSAGE appeared on the screen!!! His horror was obvious as he relayed the story to me! And I laffed and laffed and laffed!!!!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
He, and then I looked in the Outbox, but there was nothing there. Did this mean that his dodgy phone didn't send it after all? Or that it simply did not record the occurence? I noted the time and date in my diary so we can check it against the bill, when it comes.
He said I was a good sport and we agreed that we hoped the recipient was too.
Very Funny! But not, depending.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the time, several years ago when we got our first camera phone, when I snapped a candid shot of my nude husband and then tried to email it to him. We had no other way to transfer photos to the computer and I thought I should experiment. I was searching for the email address list and must have pressed the wrong button, because half way down the list I too got an "Email Sent" message! No clue as to the lucky recipient (if, indeed there was one) as nothing showed up on the sent list, although the bill did show a charge (although that section just shows a total, not individual charges as with calls and texting). No one has ever mentioned it, but we've had a few laughs (beats worrying!) over it since! Hahahahaha... Big lesson to experiment with something a bit more mundane...