Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'd been putting off oiling the last of the boxes (aka bookshelf), but it's done now! Thought I'd show your before they're loaded down and less visible. I should really have waited a week before I brought them in to put the books away (fumes and all that) but I can't. Besides, I'm back to work tomorrow so there you go.
After that's done, it's back to the curtains, which are much more fun than other really fun things.

Note: Nice couple seeking Sugar Daddy. Will compromise residual morals for financial support. It's for the greater good, ie. a need to have time to make things and go places. Art and that. Will negotiate terms and conditions.
Two for the price of one! Get in quick!
P.S. I got busted and someone forced me to take the boxes outside, which was hard to do because I was half blind and very dizzy and had no idea where the door was.

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