Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Obsessions

I've taken to partaking of tea. I didn't really care for tea terribly much, however, one is inclined to drink the stuff when confronted with such elegance and beauty. I bought the tea-cosy at a market some years ago, when I drank no tea at all. $5. Wicked really, I ought to have offered much, much more. I have two of these style. Must make one... there'll be a pattern somewhere online.

And now that I'm a knitting type (gone over to the other side, my friend calls it, although the teams are not mutually exclusive), I am in love with old knitting needles and would much prefer to use them, whether odd or not. I rake through op-shops to choose exactly the right colours and display them like a bunch of flowers.
P.S. Check out the new style thimbles! They're gorgeous! And comfortable. They look like lollies.

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victoria said...

These photos - I adore.