Saturday, June 20, 2009

Working Drawings For New Rugs

I originally thought to do a tea cosy, but a rug is better.
These are cowgirls. I've done the whole pic, this is just a detail.

I will not allow myself to begin these until a few other things are out of the way. I don't mean 'out of the way' as if they were bothersome, because it's all just so much fun you can't imagine! I love doing all of this stuff. Lerve it. I can't WAIT to get to these though... won't be long. I have to have train trip projects you see.

I'm very happy if you want to use the patterns, really really happy, but of course they're for personal use only... you know the drill.

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meena meena said...

this shared middle eye stuff is so cool! i just saw "the nice girls" on mr.xstitch and i gotta say, youre really restoring my faith in embroidery. this is way, way awesome.