Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Feather & Fan Bib For Baby Rhys

He's my new second cousin. Born Mother's Day.
I changed it a little. Used smaller needles, made the straps wider to accomodate a smaller neck, and crocheted around the top bit. I had to make it shorter too, than the 6inches reccommended, otherwise it was gonna keep his little toes warm as well. Here's the pattern and thanks to Linda Ball for the free use of the design.
I used bamboo and cotton, called er ah... um... Paton's Serenity, shade 1124. It's called Silver I think. It's a greenish grey and absolutely gorgeous to use.


pen said...

I thought it was a lace ghost!

Bobby La said...

Ha Ha Ha! I thought monster too, when I took the photo!