Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Funkorama Five Dollar High Chair

It folds down to be a low chair. I know what you're thinking... Fantastic! I just need a better piece of stuff to tie her in. She looks precarious in the pic, but I can rest your fears and tell you that she cannot slip.
I was the only one who bid on this at a local auction. Go figure.
By the way, Miss Grumpy has a slither of tooth through the gums, as you might imagine with those cheeks. And by grumpy, I mean that, rather than giggle and laugh at everything, she just smiles at most things and be's nice. Instead of terribly, ever-so nice.


Victoria said...

Yes, I am thinking FANTASTIC. And the color is fantastic too.

Anonymous said...

oh, gosh, i had cheeks like that...and some spirit they say... just to be nice. love the baby stand.