Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So Named 'Fluffy Bee' For Obvious Reasons

And difficult to photograph, being in an elaborately constructed, glassed box-frame. I did this in late 1997. Just as I was on the finishing run, Jane Nicholas's first book came out, bless her. Finger on the pulse. Zeitgeist. All that.
It (Fluff Fluff) is made in three seperate pieces using calico or something... Fluffy Stitch / Velvet Stitch / Ghiordes Knots / Turkey Stitch. I call it Velvet. Actually, I usually go straight to Fluffy.

Then you applique them onto an already embroidered slip. Now look, if you want further instructions on how to do the wings, I'll give them, but you have to ask or I won't feel it neccessary. Happy to, but not if no-one cares.

Hang on, I'll go photograph my background design... haven't done it myself but others have... Might as well post them here since I'm not doing classes anymore.

Have a look here too, for other applications.

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Anonymous said...

i love this, i always wanted to try that turkey work. your work is wild! thanks for all your comments. i am roaring too!