Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Since You've All Been So Nice

I thought I'd show you my beautiful teapot, dragged out for a bit of ceremonious tea drinking in honour of the new tea-cosy. Or, as Shula would put it, correctly, The New Tea Cosy.


Anonymous said...

don't you just love teapots.. i have been to your blog a few times wonderin how you got on at work.. did it all go ok... love your crazy i go and look at your crazy from time to time is is really wonderful happy days margie

Bobby La said...

Hiya Margie,
If anything came of anything then no-one's telling me. I think they required a response and filed it down in the dungeon where they hope it stays. It turned out that while the spotlight was on, I looked ok and the other looked bad. I'm afraid she is her own worst enemy as they say, and sacrifices good practice to pursue vendetta's all over the place... so any scrutiny turns it up.
Seems so long ago...
Thanks too, for the teapot love, spread the love yeah! I've been having cups of tea out of the pot and feeling like a proper grown-up.
PS You have no email!!

shula said...

Darl, that is Some Teapot.