Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's A Happy Day Today!

I walk past the closed Op-Shop in the morning and peer in the window, then again in the evening and I peer again. I saw a couple of these best-design tea-cosies and this one in particular screamed out that it wanted to come and live at my house. I tried to figure out who I could bully into getting it for me and had only one person, but she would have to put the kids in the car or pusher, and make a trek... I didn't ask. But, Tra La! Bonus day-off! New glasses, which I am about to pick up... coffee and a read of the paper at the local coffee shop... the 1am SBS movie looks like it's gonna be just the ticket... Lee Lee's coming over for tea to tell us everything about her trip O.S. and I can't wait to get into my embroidery!
Oh, that reminds me, I went to Kazari yesterday arvo and bought some stuff... I'll show you later...

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Victoria said...

That's good stuff.