Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Those Nice Girls Again

I haven't been idle, in fact I've been busy, but not at the computer. I'm onto the border of this piece now... hence the need to go to Kazari yesterday... although I'm not entirely satisfied with the availability of the exact shades of brown I needed. Sometimes, usually, that's a good thing. It makes you think sideways and stops you being too predictable in your work. I think. The faces will lose their wrinkles magically when the piece is stretched.
Turns out I'm too busy to watch the SBS movie and I can't speak Khazikstani (spell?) so have no idea what's going on. The occasional look as I walk past tells me it's sweet and lovely.
P.S. The couched "golles" (girls) will be tidied up (get their ends clipped) just before it goes into a frame and not a moment before.

1 comment:

Victoria said...

I LOVE the nice girls, and the latest wagga. Very much.