Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yay! Finished! Hoorah!

This Is Leah's (my one true's eldest child and my favourite Lee Lee) Wagga for her 21st. Notice the date. Now, the guilt is that I haven't made my own kids one each yet, and I have none for myself. But these things will be rectified. No excuses. I have too much fabric... beautiful fabric. AND... classes are almost finished for ever. Never say ever you say? Well...
And my babies will benefit. This is the beginning of an era where doona's have covers and quilts have binding on the edges. Where bodies are adorned with new, handmade and interesting clothes. Where shelves labour under the weight of jams and chutneys... Hmm, maybe not but you will understand the intention.
And, I have to complain loudly... I take a day off due to uncomfortable asthmatic tendencies and a need to get new glasses, and it's overcast and threatening to rain... which is good because I won't be able to weed the garden... but I have no other opportunity to take photo's. I leave for work in the dark and get home likewise.
The day is happy, but the light is dull, so please excuse.

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