Saturday, June 07, 2008

Duct Tape Dummy

Researching for info on and ebay sales re dressmakers dummies, I found this. Looks quite good, but one cannot adjust for the time when one inevitably loses weight, as one may with a regular dummy. But... damn fine idea! You'd have to trust the person that helped you.

Have a look here too. THIS is the best set of pictures.

P.S. These pics are not of me!!


Susan Italo said...

I can't believe you wrapped your whole body! You have much more patience than I do-- I could only stand still long enough for my cousin to wrap my upper torso. Glad you found my tutorial educational.

Bobby La said...

No way! That's not me... it's something I picked up off the net... I intend to do it but I want to lose a little bit of weight!!