Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yay! I Got To Do Something Non-Curtainish!

I cut it out late last night, when I should have been in bed, then stitched it down on the train going to work. Quick and easy! I have another ready to go (it's drawn out as a pattern from this drawing). Later when the kiddies have gone home. My darling one is going to put up some hooks (hmmm, s'pose I could manage that myself) so we can hang a few decoratively displayed (yet handy for everyday use).
Because I haven't boiled the woollen blanketing and therefore not shrunk it (although it's an old blanket and probably won't be a bother)... so I did a row of machine stitching around the cut out line, set to Buttonhole length but a straight stitch. You can't see it but it will stop the fabric fraying even after its 25th wash. Inside is some of that silver ironing-board fabric, so we won't burn our little pinkies.
Have a look at the Funky Potholders new group, if you're interested... the pattern is there too.


shula said...


Is SO good.

jude said...

working at night and on a train....now that's more like it! ha!

Anonymous said...

Great eyes.
Tricia Garrett