Sunday, June 01, 2008

I Need Help

I'm making Sadie an apron... bought from my all time favourite, The Stitchery (I wish I could give you a better link but they're not online themselves. It's worth ringing them and requesting catalogues). It's too too gorgeous, size 2. Baby always puts things on (tape measures are like necklaces and make a nice noise when they trail along behind you) and spent a whole day with one of my vintage aprons tied up around her, looking like a princess... so when I saw these I had to get one. Actually two. The other one has a bunny.
But they come with absolutely NO instructions! I can probably find (in the vast resources of my sewing room) a crochet pattern, but how the hell do you finish the edge? Do you make a tiny, hand-turned hem or WHAT? Does the crochet negate the need for a finished edge?
Can someone who knows or has an opinion oblige me with an answer? I feel that in spite of all my sewing experience, I am missing something.

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