Monday, June 09, 2008

It's Happened! Hoorah! Yipee! Toroo Toorah!

They're finished! Act Two is over, the rail is up and (even though I can't wait) I am so attached to you all (or to my own exhibitionism?) that I have taken a pause from the long awaited hanging to show you. As these pictures load I am gathering the tops to put them up.
Hark! I hear drum-rolls echoing through the valley...

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Victoria said...

ARRRGHHH - these are amazing!! Can it be that I havn't read your blog in this long?!
I adore the curtains. One of the pics is going to be my new computer screen background in a minute.
Happy Birthday!!!!!xxoo Hope it was a good good time.
The potholders are so warm and splendid and aussie too.